Here's what our clients are saying!

Rachell Olieveros

I've used this faculty twice once over thanksgiving and Christmas and the owner and her husband and staff are amazing the place is super sparking clean and smells fabulous. I've was sent videos of my fur babies pics, etc. When I went to pick my fur babies up they where such happy babies. I give Barking Oaks Pet Resort a 20 star review.

Steven Bassett


Jerome Jackson

I've been a customer of Barking Oaks for many years. I was raised with dogs before I could walk so I'm very keen on a dogs body language. I've never witnessed my dogs being anxious of fearful when being taken to the groomer or after being picked up from the groomer. You can walk your dog or dogs to the back where the grooming takes place if you choose or you can stay and watch your dog being groomed if you choose. It's not just a job for the owner she genuinely loves animals. They do a great job.

Sandra Goins

Amazing places for your pets, my babies always look amazing and the personnel is always very nice and happy!

Elliott Junebug

Barking Oaks has always taken wonderful care of our dogs. We've used both doggie daycare and boarding services and have always been pleased with the level care our dogs have received. We trust them with the care of our dogs when we must be away.

Suzie Record

Our pup loves going here and is always happy when we pick him up! So thankful to have a good place for our fur baby to visit. We dropped him off for doggy daycare today and he came home groomed, nails clipped, with Christmas treats, and a bow around his neck.

Michelle Sanchez

Location in Cove was amazing... spotless, offered to show me around facility to reassure me, service was amazing and most of all my lil Charlie Belle was so happy!! Thank you!!

Robert Shadburn

Best place to take your pet to have them groomed! Thanks Barking Oak!

Anna Valeria Bravo

I can't begin to express how wonderful this place is!! My dog loves going and when he comes home he can barely stay awake because he had so much fun! The employees are amazing and the owner and her family love dogs. if I had more than 50 words I would write an entire article expressing how awesome and amazing the resort and staff are.

Jar Mel

LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!! Our dog Baron (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, small dog only about 10lbs) has been going 2-4 times a week for about 6 weeks. The staff is very nice and knowledgeable. Everyone knew his name by the 2nd or 3rd visit. Last weekend he boarded over night from Thurs to Mon. That Thurs when I dropped him off he was so excited he ran from me to the daycare door then back again and again till the staff let him in. We chose to get the membership since we knew we would be boarding him for a week. It saved us two nights and we used the two free days of daycare the first week. We don't live in Temple but researched many options when looking for somewhere for Baron to play. We decided to use a daycare when he started to get up at all hours of the night disturbing our sleep. Now he comes home wiped out and we have seen a change in him for the better. He is also very well socialized with dogs of all sizes.
Thank you Barking Oaks!

Ashley Thomas

Visited earlier this week and the facility is absolutely amazing! Your dog will be lucky to stay here. They offer a doggie daycare. Just as your human child, your fur child can be dropped off while you go to work or out for the day and pick them up later. Of course they have wonderful boarding and grooming facilities. They just built a treat case! You can stop in and buy your dog yummy pet appropriate cookies/treats! Fantastic program for military families also. If you have emergency leave, they go above and beyond to help you anyway they can! The best part about this business, the one thing that sets it apart from any other that I know of, they will give you a tour of the entire facility! If you get done with lunch early and you wanna stop by to see your fur baby for a few minutes, they are more then happy to show you to him or her! For me that peace of mind is something that can not be matched! Thank you Barking Oaks Pet Resort!

Keith Morris

We have been customers of the Barking Oaks facility for a number of years. We are, as many of you, a "dog" family. The Barking Oaks staff have been very accommodating and though some may believe our pet family members do not "talk" to us, we certainly are aware of their demeanor when we arrive to bring them home. Our family pets' "tell us" that they have been cared for and it is obvious to us, by the interactions that we see, that they have a good working relationship with the handlers at Barking Oaks. They have hosted our pets for a number of excrusions that have placed us out of town. We trust the Barking Oak facility and we recommend them to anyone looking for a quality care "hotel" for your special family members. As well, they offer day care and list a number of amenities that you may select for your pets stay.