5 Star Boarding Accommodations

VIP Large Dogs - $49.50

The Elven Town is one of our Basic boarding Suite! They all have glass doors with Locks on the and Clouded grantain wall tiles To separate our guest from the left and right! They all have their own On the floor bed, and our side patio area for them to go in and out depending on the weather! Even tho that have their own outside access all dogs in this are are taken out 4 - 6 time throught out the day, individual with one of our Kennel Tech! We have small and large areas in these areas. The small suites are 6ft x 3.5ft and the large are 6ftx 7ft!

VIP Tiny Pups - $49.50

The Tiny Town is another one of our Basic boarding suites! They all have glass doors with Locks on the VSPC Panels to help reduce noise and keep a calming environment for the little one! They all have their own raised beds, They are taken out 4 - 6 times throughout the day, individually with one of our Kennel Tech! We have small and large rooms in this areas. The small suites have a range in sizes with the smallest being 5ft x 3ft.

Executive Suites and Presidential Suites
$62.50 - Medium
$72.50 - Large

The Executive Suites Are completed with polished granite tiles front the up and are completely enclosed! They have larger bedding and come with a complimentary blanket! The sizes are 10ft x 13ft for the large and 6ftx 7ft for the mediums, some of the largest rooms in the industry! They all have Flat screen Tvs, displaying Netflix, Disney Plus along with Hulu! They are taken out 6 times throughout the day, With the 1st outing starting at 6am and the last outing ending at 11pm. Nightly “Tuck-in” service: A perfect end to a busy day. One-on-one attention, lap time and belly rubs before bedtime

Sports Boarding - $ 54.50

A unique boarding experience that involves a group play! All Pups are Completely out of their kennels throughout the day and most of the night Playinwith the daycare dogs and the besties! They are put up for Breakfast Lunch and dinner Along with Bedtime! These kennels are “retriever dog kennels” and are very spacious with the following dimensions of 5ft by 5ft . These kennels are complete inside with AC just like the rest of the facility!

Requirements for Sports Boarding

  • Must have Passed Daycare Evaluation
  • Must be Spayed/ Neutered
  • Must have done 10 days of Daycare within 3 Months prior to the boarding date

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