Vacation Packages

At Barking Oaks Pet Resort, we're dedicated to keeping your pets active and making their stay truly exceptional and personalized. Explore our range of vacation packages, each offering a full agenda of activities to ensure your pets have a wonderful time. Take a look at the array of extra add-ons we have available! These options are designed to make your pets' stay even more memorable, giving them the special attention and care they deserve.

BreakFast (Serving from 7am to 9am)

  • Cheese Pawty Omelette - $5.00
    A fluffy omelet filled with a cheesy blend of flavors.
  • Cereal - $4.00
    A nice bowl of cereal with goat milk! Flavors: Blueberry, Cheese, or Banana
  • Pancakes - $6.00
    2 - 3 Pancakes with drizzled Peanut Butter! Flavor: Blueberry, Banna, Pumkin


  • The Club - $12.00
    Enriching Doggy Daycare Experience Filled with Play, Socialization, and Tail-Wagging Fun!
  • Cuddle Time - $7.00
    Heartwarming Moments of Comfort and Affection for Your Beloved Furry Friend!
  • Whiskered Tales - $10.00
    Immerse Your Pup in Enchanting Stories and Snuggly Storytime Adventures!


  • Doggy Cardio Station - $15.00
    Elevate Your Dog's Fitness with Cutting-Edge Treadmills and Tailored Exercise for Optimal Well-being!
  • Personalized Pet Walks - $15.00
    Tailored Strolls for Your Beloved Companion's Enjoyment and Exercise!
  • FitPAWS Fun - $12.00
    Engage Your Pup's Core Strength and Balance with Interactive Canine Fitness Activities!
  • Spare The Moment
    Pet Paparazzi - $3.00
    Let Our Pet Photographer Capture Picture-Perfect Moments of Your Beloved Companion

Snack Bar

  • Frosty PB Kong - $4.00
    Chilled Canine Delight Filled with Creamy Peanut Butter, a Refreshing Treat!"
  • Icy Peanut Lick Pad - $4.00
    Ice Cool Canine Enjoyment with Frozen Peanut Butter, a Lick-Worthy Frozen Delight!
  • Beef Shanks - $4.00 - $12.99
    A Great Tasty Treat That's Sure To Last Your Pets Stay
  • Pup's Delight Ice Cream - $5.00
    Whipped Cream, Cookie Crumbles, And Ice Cream Create a Canine Confectionery Masterpiece!"

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